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Weather and satellites

Severe weather and water events have an enormous impact on our nation’s economy. To reduce the economic impact of these events, we are enhancing our prediction capabilities through better data gathering and modeling technology.

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NOAA Satellites Helped Save 350 Lives in 2023

NOAA’s satellites, known for their pivotal role in tracking weather and climate, were behind the rescue of 350 people from harrowing, life-threatening ordeals in the U.S. and its surrounding waters in 2023. NOAA’s polar-orbiting and geostationary satellites are part of the global Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking system, or COSPAS-SARSAT, which uses a network of U.S. and international...

Remarks by Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves at the National Foreign Trade Council’s Alliance for National Security and Competitiveness

Hello everyone. I’m very pleased to join you all today as we mark the launch of the National Foreign Trade Council’s Alliance for National Security and Competitiveness. The launch of this alliance could not be more timely. As President Biden often says, we are at a critical inflection point in our national security. The COVID pandemic exposed serious vulnerabilities in our supply chains and we...

Commerce Department Plays Central Role in Preparing and Responding to Disasters and Emergencies

The Biden-Harris Administration is dedicated to building a stronger and more resilient nation and equipping Americans with the resources they need to remain safe and secure. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act have provided more than $50 billion in climate resilience so that communities can better withstand the impacts of climate change and extreme weather. Our nation...

Commerce’s NOAA Releases New Monthly Tool to Predict High-Tide Flooding

As high tide flooding continues to break records, the Commerce Department’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released a new monthly tool to predict high tide flooding. The new high tide flooding outlook will help coastal communities better understand when and where high tide flooding may occur and the likelihood of high tide flooding for each day in the calendar year...

Remarks by Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Building Resilience Conference

Thank you, Rob, for that introduction. Hello everyone. I’m so pleased to be here at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to engage with you all about how the Department of Commerce is leveraging its resources to build a more resilient economy. At the Department of Commerce, our responsibilities span a wide range of issues, and one that I and many of our dedicated staff members are deeply involved in is...

June 8 Marks World Ocean Day

June is National Ocean Month through a Presidential Proclamation , coinciding with World Ocean Day, celebrated annually on June 8th. While the ocean is well-known for its natural beauty and mysteries, it also provides practical benefits such as producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide emissions, influencing global climate and weather patterns, providing sustainable sources of protein, and...

NOAA Predicts a Near-Normal 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Press releases
El Nino, above-average Atlantic Ocean temperatures set the stage NOAA forecasters with the Climate Prediction Center , a division of the National Weather Service, predict near-normal hurricane activity in the Atlantic this year. NOAA’s outlook for the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season, which goes from June 1 to November 30, predicts a 40% chance of a near-normal season, a 30% chance of an above...

Remarks by U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves at NOAA's Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook News Conference

Hello everyone. Thank you, Dr. Spinrad, for the introduction, and for having me here today. And thank you all for joining us. Welcome to NOAA’s National Center for Weather and Climate Prediction. At the Commerce Department, we are fully committed to NOAA’s mission to study, forecast, and issue watches, warnings, and other decision support for tropical systems in our ocean basins. Here and in...

Biden-Harris Administration Recommends $562 million Investment to Make Communities Resilient to Climate Impacts as Part of Investing in America Agenda

Press releases
Today, Vice President Harris announced that the Department of Commerce has recommended $562 million in funding for nearly 150 projects across 30 coastal states and territories to make communities and the economy more resilient to climate change, as part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s Investing in America agenda. At an event in Miami, Florida, Vice President Harris will highlight how this...

Remarks by Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves at the Space Symposium

Thank you for that kind introduction, Tom, and thank you to the Space Foundation for inviting me to speak today. I also want to thank Jodi Slattery and her great team for putting together this event and extend my gratitude to Macy Miller and the team at The Broadmoor for hosting us and putting together such a great show. Before I dive into the meat of my speech, I want to remind folks of the...