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Strategic Plan

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s 2022–2026 Strategic Plan sets out the priorities established for the Department and informs the public about our important work. This strategic plan summarizes key strategies that will drive progress in the Department’s five goal areas. It is designed to cascade throughout the Department and serves as an overarching guide for allocating the resources needed to achieve the Department’s long-term economic and social outcomes.

American workers and businesses operate in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive world. To address these challenges, we have developed bold new strategies to accelerate and promote U.S. economic growth and opportunity.

Strategic Plan

Cover of the U.S. Department of Commerce 2022-2026 Strategic Plancom

The Strategic Plan documents the Department’s priorities for a four-year presidential cycle and sets forth the high-level strategies that will be employed to achieve Strategic Objectives. The Strategic Plan includes:

  • Strategic Objectives: Strategic Objectives are the primary unit for strategic analysis and decision-making and define the outcomes the Department intends to achieve.
  • Strategies: Strategies are the key approaches, initiatives, and tactics that the Department will pursue to advance a Strategic Objective.
  • Key Performance Indicators: A key performance indicator is a measure used to track progress toward achieving a Strategic Objective.
  • Learning Agenda Questions: Research on these questions informs the programs, policies, and regulations of the Department. The questions and research methods that will be used are explained in more detail in the Learning Agenda document.

Read the full Strategic Plan

Learning Agenda, Companion to the 2022 – 2026 Strategic Plan

FY 22/26 Evidence/Evaluation Capacity Assessment

Strategic Goals

The Department has one overarching goal: Improve America’s Economic Competitiveness. Each of the Department's five strategic goals advances our mission and supports this goal:

  • Drive U.S. Innovation and Global Competitiveness
  • Foster Inclusive Capitalism and Equitable Economic Growth
  • Address the Climate Crisis Through Mitigation, Adaptation, and Resilience Efforts
  • Expand Opportunity and Discovery Through Data
  • Provide 21st Century Service with 21st Century Capabilities

Core Values 

The Department’s four Core Values lay the foundation for upholding our mission of creating the conditions for economic growth and opportunity for all communities. Understanding the uniqueness of our Bureaus, these values allow the Department to create a north star for our everyday work. We are one Department with one shared mission — and our Core Values reflect and honor that. 

DOC Core Values: 

  1. Service: We are dedicated to making intentional decisions and actions that benefit and serve the American people and their communities. 
  2. Passion: We are persistent and relentless in the pursuit of our mission as we seek to always innovate, grow, and improve.
  3. Respect: We hold each other and those we serve in high regard and treat everyone with humility, integrity, and dignity.
  4. Equity: We provide fair access, opportunities, and advancement for all, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, or work arrangement. 

DOC Core Values Overview


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