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Drivers of Job Quality

The Job Quality Toolkit provides practical guidance to employers of all kinds. The underlying values and aspirational vision are to strive to make every job a high-quality job.

High-Quality Jobs: All members of the workforce are respected and valued as important to an organization’s success. The organization’s policies, practices, and environment ensure high levels of wellbeing, compensation, empowerment, and growth. Leaders create systems to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. 

Many interrelated factors impact job quality. The Job Quality Toolkit is organized around eight drivers:

  • Recruitment & Hiring

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    Actively recruit a diverse pool of applicants. Implement skills-based hiring that only requires the education, credentials, and experience needed to do the job. Be intentional about onboarding and retaining workers.

  • Benefits

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    Seek workers’ input on needed and desired benefits, such as paid leave, health insurance, and a retirement plan. Provide them and encourage their use.

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Accessibility

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    Make equal opportunity a core value and practiced norm. Foster systems where all workers feel respected and empowered in the workplace. Identify and remove systemic barriers to DEIA.

  • Empowerment & Representation

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    Ensure that workers have a meaningful voice, without fear of retaliation. Enable workers to contribute to decisions about their work, how it is performed, and organizational direction.

  • Job Security & Working Conditions

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    Ensure a safe, healthy, and accessible workplace and offer job security. Minimize temporary or contractor labor solutions, using such workers mainly to adjust for short-term needs. Assess and
    schedule hours that are adequate and predictable.

  • Organizational Culture

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    Demonstrate through explicit behaviors and norms of leadership that all workers belong, are valued, and contribute meaningfully to the organization. Assess workers’ engagement and feelings of respect.

  • Pay

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    Provide an equitable living wage to all workers and ensure fair compensation practices.

  • Skills & Career Advancement

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    Provide opportunities and tools for workers’ self-realization and advancement in their current jobs, within the organization, and outside it.