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Inclusion is on US Campaign

The Department of Commerce (DOC) Office of Civil Rights (OCR) launched the "Inclusion is on US" campaign in March 2016 to help realize Commerce’s EEO and Diversity and Inclusion goals by offering a variety of events, such as special emphasis programs, lunch and learn events, vignettes, and other EEO-related training.

The goal of these initiatives is not only to prevent illegal discrimination and improve equity in the workplace, but to also promote an organizational culture that respects, values, welcomes, and engages ALL employees, regardless of their primary diversity dimensions, including: race, color, gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, and religious beliefs. An inclusive environment enables Commerce to draw from all segments of society, and leverage the multitude of talents, to meet Commerce’s diverse missions.

Look for Inclusion is on US events in the OCR Calendar

  • The goal of the video is to communicate the power each employee at The US Department of Commerce has, to make others feel welcomed, included, and valued and what inclusion looks and feels like.