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Training Opportunities


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Civil Treatment for Employees (CTE)

Civil Treatment for Employees (CTE) simulates realistic workplace scenarios, offering insights and practical skills relevant to your organization’s success. With simple and sustainable learning models and tools, your employees will develop skills proven to positively impact your workplace culture and business results in ways that align with your agency’s mission, vision, and values. By focusing on day-to-day behaviors along with the law, CTE is part of a comprehensive and sustainable learning solution designed to challenge and motivate your employees to consider the impact of their own behavior and encourage them to speak up when issues arise. 

Contact: John Wornell

Civil Treatment for Leaders (CTL)

Civil Treatment for Leaders (CTL) simulates some of the most important conversations your leaders will have with their people. CTL addresses your agency’s most compelling and urgent priorities for creating and maintaining a civil, productive, and inclusive work environment including: welcoming concerns, coaching and managing performance, addressing inappropriate behavior, making employment decisions, and modeling the behaviors that ensure an inclusive work environment.

Contact: John Wornell

True Colors

True Colors workshops are engaging, interactive and practical for groups of all sizes. Through guided activities, participants learn how their personality – Color Spectrum affects their professional and personal relationships. These insights can be very powerful, especially when the success of an organization depends on effective communication and mutual collaboration among its people.

Contact: Monique Dismuke

Multi-generational Work Teams

It’s no secret that the demographic make-up of the American population has been undergoing profound changes in the last few years.  For the first time in history, there are five generations, four of which are currently in the work force.  These dynamics cause organizations to rethink various strategies on how to build and maintain a culture that will support, encourage, and meet the needs and challenges of this new form of cross-cultural diversity and inclusion.  This course is designed to look at these five generations and their general unique set of characteristics in terms of life events, values, experiences, world view, definitions of work, and communication styles.  

Contact: Carolyn Walker

Cross Cultural Diversity

This is the first of three-course series that establishes the framework for understanding why and how we have “learned” to view the world in a particular way.  This learned view represents our own “cultural narrative” and greatly influences how we speak, think, and act.

Contact: Carolyn Walker

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (also referred to as EQ) describes a person’s ability to understand, accept, recognize, and assess the impact of her/his own emotions and feelings and those of others.  Gaining knowledge of our EQ helps us to improve our own behaviors as well as to manage and improve our ability to build and maintain effective relations with others.  This highly interactive workshop provides participants an opportunity to learn and then apply principles of EQ in working in a multicultural and multigenerational environment.  

Contact: Carolyn Walker