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Alternate Work Environments

A New Look for Office Space


Welcome to the DOC’s Alternate Work Environments (AWE). OFEQ designed these spaces as a mix of teaming spaces and focus spaces, with options for working in the HCHB in a different way. To embrace the hybrid environment, AWE moves away from standard office spaces and promotes a healthy work culture in a supportive environment.

We hope that these workspaces offer you flexibility, comfort and a place where you can socialize, collaborate and be inspired.


IT and A/V Instructions


Tell Us What You Think: Take the AWE Survey here. Your feedback is valuable.



Types of Spaces


To make the spaces most useful, each AWE is equipped with Wi-Fi (enabled for all bureaus), click-share connections for the large monitors, and ergonomic furniture.

The spaces are open and available on a first-come, first serve basis. We do ask that you use the areas for work, and not just a lunch break. Also, choose a space that matches the work you are doing, e.g., focused work in an individual area, teamwork in a collaboration area.


Change up your day in the office and experience a different work setting.


Collaboration Corner (Rm 32019)

Image of Collaboration Corner Alternative Work Environment, Room 32019 HCHB

A cozy and casual lounge seating space for brainstorming or creative teamwork.

  • Two flexible perch stools
  • Detachable/moveable marker boards that can come off the wall and be placed into a slot on the elevated end tables
  • Personal storage 
  • Audio visual capabilities


The Hub (Rm 32025)

Image of The Hub Alternative Work Environment, Room 32025 HCHB

A versatile space for working alone or in small groups.

  • Four workspaces with removable dividers that be used as individual workspaces, shared side-by-side or across, or as a four-person meeting table
  • Two semi-private lounge chairs offer privacy from the work area
  • Lockable storage for personal items
  • Audio visual capabilities



Image of Take Two Alternative Work Environment, Room 38024 HCHB

Take Two (Rm 38024)

Hoover Hangout (Rm 58024)

A convenient space on floors 3 and 5 for quick meetings, phone calls, or breaks.

  • Two high tables with stools for a quick touchdown before or after a meeting
  • Two semi-private lounge chairs for private conversation
  • A two-person semi-private lounge with a table for face-to-face meetings 
Image of Hoover Hangout Alternative Work Environment, Room 58024vHCHB






The Hive (Rm 52027)

Image of The Hive Alternative Work Environment, Room 52027 HCHB

A collaborative space for team projects or individual tasks.

  • Five-person teaming table
  • Mobile audio/visual cart that can be used with teaming table or workspaces
  • Mobile white board for capturing team notes
  • Three-pod workspaces with movable screens for individual or shared work areas
  • Two small, enclosed rooms for private conversations
  • One small, enclosed room for a shared conversation
  • Lockable storage for personal items
Image of The Hive Alternative Work Environment, Room 52027 HCHB
Image of The Hive Alternative Work Environment, Room 52027 HCHB
Image of The Hive Alternative Work Environment, Room 52027 HCHB