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Business Cards

Who is eligible for DOC business cards?

DOC employees who conduct official business with outside organizations may receive DOC business cards.

Who can approve my request to order business cards?

Immediate supervisors may approve requests. 

Can I order business cards from any vendor and get reimbursed?

No.  Business cards can only be purchased by completing a SF-1 Printing and Binding Requisition to the Public Printer of the United States (commerce.gov)

How do I order my business cards?

Please complete a SF-1 Printing and Binding Requisition to the Public Printer of the United States (commerce.gov)

SF-1 instructions SF-1 Printing and Binding Requisition Instructions (gpo.gov)

Fill in the following: Requisition Number, Quantity (Minimum 250 cards), BAC Code, Accounting Section: (Purchase Cards Cannot be used to procure business cards), Contact Person’s Name, Number, POCs Room Number and required Authorizing Signatures

Once all is complete, submit SF1 with the created sample to MMB via email or in-person.

Once received, your request will be assigned to a specialist for processing.

Please allow 7-10 business days for processing and delivery.

A contractor’s proof will be provided for your review and approval before final printing.

If you have any questions about business card ordering, who can I contact?

For questions regarding business card ordering, please contact the Mail and Multimedia Branch at [email protected].