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Section 232 Exclusions

Proposed Rule on 232 Exclusions Process – August 2023

At present there is no exclusions process for duties on steel and aluminum derivative

232 Exclusions Portal

BIS 232

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Commerce 232

232 Exclusions Portal

Steel Page

Steel Docket

Steel Page

232 Exclusions Portal Interim Final Rule (June 10, 2019)

Aluminum Page

Aluminum Docket

Aluminum Page

232 Exclusions Portal User Guide


Steel Forms & Supporting Guides


232 Exclusions Process FAQs

232 Instructional Videos



Aluminum Forms & Supporting Guides


Extensions Requests, PSCs, and Protests

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released a CSMS Bulletin on Section 232 – Extensions Requests, Post-Summary Corrections, and Protests on May 1, 2020.  The bulletin outlines the process for submitting claims for retroactive relief on valid product exclusions to CBP and provides information on the actions that may be taken to extend the liquidation window for entries still awaiting exclusions from the Department of Commerce. 

The full CSMS Bulletin can be found at CSMS #42566154. For any questions, please refer to CSMS #42203908 (Information on Trade Remedy Questions and Resources).

For exclusions requests filed before June 13th, 2019 on the regulations.gov website, you can find the associated Objections, Rebuttals, and Surrebuttals below.

  • The Aluminum Rebuttal Surrebuttal Finder and the Steel Rebuttal Surrebuttal Finder, uploaded daily as an Excel workbook, catalog each Objection, Rebuttal, and Surrebuttal Identification Number associated with each Exclusion Request.
  • The 232 BIS Guide for Rebuttals and the 232 BIS Guide for Surrebuttals, uploaded as PDF files, provide instructions for the use of the Aluminum and Steel Rebuttal and Surrebuttal Finders below.
  • For additional assistance please view the 232 Rebuttal and Surrebuttal Finder in Regulations.gov Instructional Video.

To download each file, please click on the link below. Files updated as of  06/29/2020  7:37am.      

Under the column heading, “Comment Period for” one of the following options will appear:

  • Closed:       Indicates that a request ID# is currently closed, and is not available for the submission of rebuttals or surrebuttals.
  • Rebuttal:     Indicates that a request ID# is currently open, and is available for the submission of rebuttals.
  • Surrebuttal: Indicates that a request ID# is currently open, and is available for the submission of surrebuttals.
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232 Exclusion Portal: Portal Features Guide to Save, Clone, and Download Exclusion Requests, Objections, Rebuttals, & Surrebuttals 1 MB
232 BIS Guide for Surrebuttals - 9/26/2018 751.12 KB
232 BIS Guide for Rebuttals - 9/26/2018 747.51 KB
232 Exclusions Portal Rule 423.44 KB
232 Exclusions Portal External User Guide 071819 6.65 MB
232 Exclusions Portal: Public Data Extract Guide 1.12 MB
Docket Download Instructions - Regulations.gov 358.11 KB
232 Portal Instructional Video Links 134.81 KB
Aluminum Rebuttal and Surrebuttal Finder 06.29.2020 9.6 KB
Steel Rebuttal and Surrebuttal Finder 06.29.2020 10.54 KB
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