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Online Travel Card Application Instructions

How to apply for a Government Travel Charge Card Online:

**You must contact your Bureau Travel AOPC to obtain log in instructions.

Please use the following link to apply for a Travel Card at least 15 business days in advance of your travel date: https://home.cards.citidirect.com/CommercialCard.

  • After accessing the link, follow the steps below to complete an online application
    • Under new users select "Apply for Card";
    • Select "Invitation Passcode" then click on continue;
    • Type in the invitation passcode, then type in the inviter's email address then select continue;
    • You will now be at the "User Registration" screen; please follow the questions to complete your application.
  • After completing the User Registration, you will be prompted to apply for a card.
  • Upon completing the registration, please complete the following:
    • Statement of Understanding, signed by you and your supervisor. Electronic signatures are acceptable.
    • The GSA SmartPay Travel Cardholder Training. This is a mandatory requirement for each cardholder before being issued the card and every three years after that. The training is online and can be accessed using the following link:  https://training.smartpay.gsa.gov/gsa-smartpay-travel-training-account-holders-aos
  • Please forward to your Travel POC:
    • The completed Statement of Understanding signed and dated by you and your supervisor; and
    • A copy of the GSA SmartPay Travel Training Certificate
  • Upon receipt, an AOPC will process the application and forward to Citibank for approval. The total processing and delivery time of your travel card to the address of record is approximately 7 to 10 business days.