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Office of Financial Reporting and Policy

The Office of Financial Reporting and Policy is responsible for planning and coordinating the preparation of quarterly and annual Departmental financial reports (e.g., Prompt Payment, Cash Management, Debt Management, Treasury Reports, and Financial Statements); the planning of and reporting on Department-wide financial management programs; and preparing special financial management reports in response to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Treasury, Congress, and other issues. The office is responsible for formulating and prescribing Department-wide financial management, accounting and fiscal policies, procedures, standards and controls, and for providing assistance to Departmental components in their implementation. This includes the development, issuance, and maintenance of financial handbooks, manuals, and related directives. It is also responsible for performing analysis and evaluations of Departmental financial management programs and data to identify issues, trends, and improvement opportunities; gathering information needed to prepare required reports or to perform special projects; and planning and carrying out financial quality assurance initiatives to include a financial performance measurements program.


Name, Title Phone Number
Kristin Salzer, Director (202) 482-2715
Spencer Farrar (202) 482-1669
Bruce Henshel (202) 482-0646
Peter Mayer (202) 482-2037
Christine Pham (202) 482-2624
Micah Reed (202) 482-2258
Sean Smith (202) 482-0785
Jim Forsyth (202) 482-5857
Thomas Mann (202) 482-5340

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