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Travel-Related Guidance and Information

Additional Information

Travel Bulletin - 51-23-001 - Premium Economy Class Travel

Travel Bulletin - 51-23-002 - Use of Extra Fare Train Service

FY23_FY24 - End-of-Year Travel Guidance

Head of Bureau (Senior Travel Official) Packages

Travel Authorization

  1.  Travel Authorization
  2.  Travel Itinerary
  3.  Detailed Agenda/Schedule
  4.  Copy of the hotel information if outside the Travel Management Center and/or not on the travel itinerary
  5.  Travel documents that are external to the Travel System (i.e. Cross-Funding)
  6. OGC Ethics review is required only when Gift is involved

Military Air (Mil Air) Travel packages

  1.  Signed Bureau approval memorandum for CFO/ASA or designee (ensure the cost on the memo matches the Travel Authorization Grand Total)
  2.  Signed Mission Essential Justification form (if applicable)
  3.  E2 Travel Authorization
  4.  Travel Itinerary
  5.  Justification to travel Mil Air (Include estimated cost, itinerary/manifest, commercial air details cost and rationale for not using, etc).
  6.  An approval letter for the Mil Air flight.
  7.  E-Country Clearance (eCC)
  8.  Lodging accommodations information if outside of the travel system
  9.  Foreign travel briefing
  10.  Detailed Travel Agenda/Scheduling Information
  11.  Any other additional supporting documentation

Premium Class Travel (PCTR) Package

  1.  Approved CD-334, Request for Approval of Other Than Coach-Class Accommodations (Ensure the Travel Exception Code (Block 11) match the  justification (Block 13))
  2.  Travel Authorization
  3.  Travel Itinerary
  4. OGC Ethics review is required only when Gift is involved