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The Office of Financial Management provides financial management information, services and systems, unparalleled in government...

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Office of Financial Management front splash image
A travel bag unpacked with laptop, tablet, glasses, and other items

Teresa Coppolino, Director

This Directorate—also known as the Commerce Business Systems (CBS) Solutions Center (CSC)—is responsible for planning and managing the development, maintenance, and implementation...

image with various icons which says Financial Reports, Policies, effective internal controls and travel

Julie Tao, Director

This Directorate is responsible for formulating and prescribing Department-wide financial management, accounting and fiscal policies, procedures, standards, and controls; providing assistance to...

Financial document with coins and a pen on top of it

Holden Hoofnagle, Director

This Directorate is responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of the OS budgetary functions including development and oversight of the OS...