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A/OPC List By Bureau

A/OPC List by Bureau
Bureau Name Phone Number
BEA Shaunda Villones 301-278-9032
BIS Makayla Thompson/Christine Wheeler 202-482-4811
CENSUS Jamal Johnson 301-763-2366
EDA Nate Gurwell 202-236-7908
ITA Jessie Retan/Aram Baloyan 202-507-3863
MBDA Caroline Martinez-Carranza 202-482-1426
OIG Dale Fields-Glivings 202-482-0923
OS Travel Management Division 202-482-1818
OS-IMMED Tanika Hawkins 202-482-2066
NIST Danita Scott 301-975-2747
NOAA-HQ Chasity Grimm 301-444-2129
NTIA Gretchen Bratton 240-801-2131
NTIA-FIRSTNET Lisa Singletary 571-665-6092
NTIS Monica Voigt 703-605-6142
PTO Nia Buckner 571-270-7281