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BAS Program Endorsements

                         Steve Kunze: Deputy Chief Financial Officer,                        Department of Commerce

“I am extremely excited about the direction of the Department of Commerce and the financial management, acquisitions and property communities with the award of the Business Applications Solution project, known as BAS. After a long time waiting, Commerce is on a path to modernize our financial, acquisition, property and data warehouse capabilities putting us as a government wide leader in these areas.  As we continue to plan and implement BAS, Commerce’s experiences and lessons learned will play a part in the Treasury Department’s development of a shared service model called the Quality Service Management Office.  As for the Commerce acquisition, finance, and property communities BAS will provide a single configuration for our systems across the Department of Commerce.  What does this mean?  It means that it will greatly improve our reporting and data analytic capabilities, reduce our operational costs, and allow us to stay abreast of the latest technology developments.  In doing so our Commerce communities will be better positioned to provide top notch data and analysis to inform the business decisions of our bureaus and the Department.  It is truly exciting for all of us to be involved in developing the future of Commerce.”

Wynn Coggins: Deputy Assistant Secretary for Administration, Department of Commerce

“The intent of BAS Program is to provide a modernized IT solution suite that is essential for the long term success of mission support services at the Department of Commerce.  I very much look forward to collaborating across our bureaus to ensure this program is successful!”

Benjamin Page: Chief Financial Officer, Census Bureau

"I am excited for the initiation of the Business Applications Solution (BAS) program at the Department of Commerce.  Once implemented, this system will standardize and streamline processes, helping ensure comparability across the Department and helping the Census bureau focus limited financial management resources on the highest value activities.  Additionally, BAS will give me and my team the modern financial management tools necessary to use financial data to inform business decisions in furtherance of the mission of the Census Bureau."

George Jenkins: Chief Financial Officer, National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST)

“The Business Applications Solution (BAS) will provide the Department of Commerce a single integrated financial management platform that will greatly enhance its ability in many areas.  The system will allow for the greater use of data analytics on a real time basis that will facilitate management’s capability to make critical business decisions.  It will also afford increased financial reporting processes that can be converted into dash boards and other accounting information platforms that can provide comparative data that is consistent across the Department.  NIST is fully supportive of this initiative and all of the positive benefits that will inure once BAS is fully implemented.”

Mark Seiler: Chief Financial Officer, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

“The Business Application Solution (BAS) will modernize financial management for NOAA and the Department. As a single, integrated platform for finance, acquisition, property, and enterprise data warehouse, it will provide a leap forward in management, analysis, and decision making capabilities. I am fully supportive and excited for NOAA to be the first bureau planned to implement and use the new system.”

Olivia Bradley: Deputy Director, Office of Acquisitions Management 

“We in the acquisition community couldn’t be happier about moving forward with the BAS project. The modernization and integration of our procurement, financial and property systems will enable us to transform the way we work. I am especially excited about the enterprise data warehouse and the opportunity not only to access data across the procurement lifecycle but to use that data to inform decisions, allocate resources and target attention.”