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Travel Management Division

The Travel Management Division is responsible for providing our customers with the highest quality of service by establishing travel policies and procedures through the implementation of innovative Department-wide travel initiatives. The Travel Management Division is responsible for the Department's Travel Management Program, which includes developing and disseminating travel policy, providing advice and guidance on travel policy and regulations, E-Gov Travel Service (ETS), travel card management, and passport and visa services.

Director for Financial Reporting, Internal Controls, and Travel:

Julie Tao - JTao@doc.gov

Main Line - (202) 482-1818

Fax - (202) 482-2632

Travel Management Division Staff
Name, Title Phone Number
Kristin Salzer, Acting Director (202) 482-2715 
Byron Martin (202) 482-0078
Rholondra Louis (202) 482-6137
Angela Lee (202) 482-3601
Christopher Brown (202) 482-1185
April Banks (202) 482-7843
Travel Policy - Central Mailbox OFM-DOCTravelPolicyHelpdesk@doc.gov
Travel Card Program - Central Mailbox OFM-DOCTravelCardProgram@doc.gov
Conferences - Central Mailbox DOCConferences@doc.gov
Premium Class Travel (Travel Packages) - Central Mailbox OFM-DOCPremiumTravelHelpdesk@doc.gov
Senior Travel Official (Travel Packages) - Central Mailbox OFM-DOCSTOActions@doc.gov
Passports and Visas OFM-DOCPassportVisaHelpdesk@doc.gov

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