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BAS Risk Management

    What is BAS Risk Management

The BAS Program uses proactive Risk Management as part of the overall management of the BAS Project. Risk Management is a project management tool to assess and mitigate events that might adversely impact the project. Successful implementation of Risk Management will increase the project’s likelihood of success. The BAS Project is committed to understanding the organization's business objectives and to designing and implementing effective Risk Management processes. Accordingly, the BAS Risk Management workstream maintains a risk plan and a risk register that is used to regularly identify, monitor, control, and report on BAS project risks.

How you can participate

We encourage our BAS Stakeholders to participate in the Risk Management for BAS. Below, we have included a BAS Risk / Issue Submission Form that you can use to identify BAS project risks and issues, and corresponding mitigation strategies. We have also included the following documentation to provide an overview of Risk and Issue Management:

BAS Risk/Issue Submission Forms:


If you have any questions or need assistance 

If you have any questions or need assistance in completing the Risk / Issue Submission Form you can send an email to [email protected] and mark it to the attention of the BAS Risk Lead.  Thank you in advance for supporting BAS Risk Management and helping to ensure the Department of Commerce’s BAS program success!