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Department of Commerce Celebrates the Two-Year Anniversary of the Customer Experience Executive Order

Two years ago, President Biden signed an Executive Order on Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery. The Department of Commerce answered the call by including Customer Experience (CX) in its Fiscal Year 2022-2026 Strategic Plan. Today, the Department highlights progress made to provide customers with first-rate services that are easy to access, equitable, effective, and responsive for all.

2023 Achievements and Highlights

Quicker Census Bureau Data at your Fingertips: The U.S. Census Bureau reduced the mobile page load time of Quickfacts, the most popular web-based tool for finding Census Bureau data. This improvement enables roughly 30,000 daily mobile users to access data more quickly. Visit the U.S. Census Bureau on Performance.gov to learn more. Download the U.S. Census Bureau 2023 CX Action Plan.

Streamlining Patent Filing for Inventors and Creators: The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) enhanced its Patent Center website interface by centralizing application processes, data, and training for patent filers. This improves all aspects of managing the 500,000+ patent applications submitted by filers each year. For more information, visit USPTO on Performance.gov and view the USPTO 2023 Action Plan.

White House Designates International Trade Administration (ITA) a High Impact Service Provider: In FY 2023, ITA more than doubled the number of businesses and organizations it helped to expand its global footprint, reach new markets abroad, and attract inward investment. For FY 2024, the White House designated ITA as one of four new High Impact Service Providers. To learn more, visit ITA on Performance.gov.

Looking Forward

The Department is the front door for Federal business services. To make that door easy to open, Commerce is building a CX community of practice and providing training to the next generation of customer experience leaders. This work will build the skills and tools needed to provide exceptional experience to the American public.