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Commerce Celebrates First Anniversary of CHIPS and Science Act

Receives 460 Statements of Interest from Companies Across 42 States to Manufacture Semiconductors in America

One year ago today, President Biden signed the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act  as part of his Investing in America agenda.  The Department of Commerce oversees $50 billion to revitalize the domestic semiconductor industry and bring supply chains back to the U.S., including $39 billion for manufacturing incentives and $11 billion for research and development programs.

Today, Secretary Raimondo announced Commerce has received more than 460 Statements of Interest across 42 states with proposals from companies looking to manufacture semiconductors, or chips, in America. CHIPS for America is going to create hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs that have the potential to change lives, offer family-sustaining benefits, and lead to long-term careers.

“As a result of the CHIPS and Science Act, we’ve made huge strides over the past year in implementing the program and amassing private sector interest and enthusiasm,” said Raimondo. “President Biden has done more than any other president to revitalize American manufacturing and innovation. Under his leadership, we’re ensuring that America secures its role as a technological superpower for decades to come.”

What Are Semiconductors and How They Benefit You

Semiconductors, or chips, are tiny electronic devices integral to America’s economic and national security and form the foundation of every advanced technology including the smartphone, cloud computing service, new cars, medical devices, and the weapons system we use today. They are also essential building blocks of the technologies that will shape our future, including artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and clean energy.

Critical Steps Taken by Commerce in the Last Year

In addition to the 460 statements of interest from across 42 states, steps taken by Commerce include:

  • Launching the first CHIPS for America funding opportunity for commercial manufacturing facilities, and then opened it to include large supply chain and material equipment projects.  
  • Creating two new CHIPS offices and building an efficient, fast, and responsible team that represents decades of experience across industry and government.  
  • Publishing a vision and strategy paper for the National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC), a centerpiece of the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act’s research and development (R&D) program.
  • Announcing the Selection Committee that will choose board members to form a nonprofit entity that we anticipate will serve as the operator of the NSTC.

Next Steps

Later this year, CHIPS for America will release a dedicated funding opportunity for smaller semiconductor materials and manufacturing equipment facilities with capital investments below $300 million, as well as a funding opportunity for R&D facilities. These investments will restore U.S. leadership in semiconductor manufacturing, support good-paying jobs across the semiconductor supply chain, and advance U.S. economic and national security. The bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act will continue to strengthen American manufacturing, supply chains, and national security. Investments research and development, science and technology, and the workforce of the future will keep the United States the leader in the industries of tomorrow, including nanotechnology, clean energy, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence.

“We’ve come a long way, but there’s plenty of work to still be done,” said Raimondo.” “If we do this right, we will once again lead in manufacturing, and the innovation that grows from it. We will foster a new generation of innovators who will write the next chapter in our history.” 

Visit CHIPS.gov to learn more about CHIPS for America.