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Secretary Raimondo Kicks Off Public Service Recognition Week with Address to Employees on Department’s Strategic Plan: “Service is at the Core of What We Do”

Secretary Raimondo and Deputy Secretary Graves kicked off Public Service Recognition Week by hosting an in-person and virtual discussion with Commerce employees on the Department’s recently released strategic plan. In tandem with President Biden’s Fiscal Year 2023 Budget, the 2022-2026 strategic plan was released on March 28, 2022 and summarizes key strategies that will drive progress in five goal areas. The discussion was moderated by U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) Assistant Secretary Alejandra Castillo.

Secretary Raimondo began by stating that today marked the beginning of Public Service Recognition Week and noted how good it was to have employees back to work in the building and to see the faces of so many bright and talented Commerce staff.  She then stressed that the expertise from the career staff will play a vital role in the implementation of the plan.

“Our strategic plan will be our North Star in all we do going forward for the American people,” she said. “Commerce is at the center of so much that matters, and this effort starts from the ground up with the expertise and experience of the Department’s career staff.”

Deputy Secretary Graves joined Secretary Raimondo in this sentiment and also stressed that equity is at the core of the plan and will remain at the forefront.  

“Equity underpins all aspects of the plan. Economic prosperity must be evenly shared among the American people, and everyone should be able to participate in our economy both domestically and globally,” he stated.

Secretary Raimondo emphasized, “The best performing companies are those that have embraced diversity and equity. Our diversity is our advantage in this country.”

Each one of Commerce’s eleven bureaus will have a role to play in fulfilling aspects of the strategic plan. Foundational to the plan is the embrace of Commerce’s core values: service, respect, equity, and passion.

“Service is why we are all here and we cannot lose sight of the forest from the trees,” Secretary Raimondo stated.  

“This isn’t just a job, and the American people are counting on us,” she added. One example she pointed to is the critical work currently being done by the Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security in leading the federal government’s effort to assist the people of Ukraine by denying access to Russia on technology.

Deputy Secretary Graves then stressed that respect for the people we serve and respect for one another is a critical part of our plan. “Every single person in this department must be valued. If we lose respect for one another, we lost respect for our organization. And, at our core is embracing our diversity.”

Following a question-and-answer period from employees, Secretary Raimondo closed the meeting stressing the need to operate as one Commerce and the importance of measuring each goal a year from now.

“We must deliver on all of these new responsibilities. It is my honor to be your leader and our work matters now more than ever. I am proud of the people, the talent and the skill of each person that represents the Department of Commerce.”

To read the Department’s 2022-2026 strategic plan, visit: https://www.commerce.gov/about/strategic-plan

Also, click here to see Secretary Raimondo’s message to employees on the plan.