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Regional Economic Research Initiative

The Regional Economic Research Initiative is a Department of Commerce data effort to improve our nation’s understanding of local regional economies and their ability to compete.  

Launched in March 2023, the Regional Initiative aims to equip public and private sector decision-makers at every level with research and data tools to address entrenched and growing geographic inequality and better meet the economic needs of those they serve. 

Led by the Office of the Under Secretary for Economic Affairs (OUSEA), the Regional Initiative team is conducting research, developing easy-to-use data tools, and providing expert services to decision-makers at every level. Specifically, OUSEA is harnessing the power of statistical and federal program data sets to: 

  • Provide deeper knowledge about regional economies, uncovering unique insights about regions and their needs. 

  • Show where past federal investments have been made in local economies. 

  • Help decision-makers determine what types and levels of investment will maximize impact on regions based on the place’s unique characteristics and what has worked before. 

Questions or want to learn more? Contact [email protected]

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