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Badging Program FAQs



  • What exactly is a badge?
    • The Lab badges are provided to those who meet requirements regarding acquisition innovation. It is a digital means of displaying and documenting your experience in innovative techniques. It also serves as a recognition of accomplishments and your career progress. You can display your badge proudly in your email signature or your badge certificate letter on your desk!
  • Why is The Lab team offering badges?
    • The Lab team believes badges are a great way to have your accomplishments recognized and wants to support your career. Requirements for each badge level build upon each other, increasing your education as you move along levels.
  • What are the benefits of obtaining a badge?
    • Badges are an easy way to showcase your career growth and have your work and accomplishments acknowledged.

Earning a Badge

  • How do I earn a badge?
    • Badge types and levels are defined with requirements. To earn a badge, review the requirements, and submit appropriate documentation and any question to TheLab@doc.gov.
  • Who will notify me when I can move to the next badge level?
    • Each employee should review our website and apply if they believe they qualify.

Application Process

  • How do I complete the application?
    • You can email your supporting documentation to TheLab@doc.gov or reach out for additional assistance or questions.
  • What supporting documentation should I send with my application?
    • Please refer to the requirements table. You may need to submit documentation such as course certificates or a summary of previous work performed.
  • How long does it take to obtain badge once I submit my application?
    • Assuming no additional information is required, once your requirements are reviewed and approved you should receive your badge within one month.  


  • Do I have to be a Contracting Officer, Contracting Officer Representative, Project Manager, or a part of the Legal department to apply for a badge?
    • No! We encourage anyone involved in the acquisition process to attend courses and apply for a badge. A particular job title or series is not required.
  • Is there an eligibility period or time constraint for which I can obtain a badge?
    • No! You can apply for and receive a badge at any time.

Badges: Innovator, Coach, & Inventor

  • Does everyone on The Lab team have an Inventor badge?
    • No, this is a brand-new type of badge and unique to the Department of Commerce. As it is so new, only a small group of individuals may qualify for the Inventor badge.
  • If a group is working on a project and each member qualifies for a badge, is the badge given to the whole group?
    • Each person in the group will qualify and receive their own personalized badge if they apply for one.
  • Is there a limited number of badges that I am allowed to have at one time?
    • No! As badge levels build upon each other, you can have multiple badges at the same time. We recommend putting your highest-ranking badge(s) in your email signature.
  • What does the badge look like?
    • Each badge notes what type and level you have received and is personalized with your name. In addition, each badge is linked to The Lab’s website.

Do you have questions about the badging process?

Contact us here: TheLab@doc.gov


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