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Op-Ed by Antony Blinken & Gina Raimondo: To shape the future of AI, we must act quickly

Abraham Lincoln once observed: “In the world’s history, certain inventions and discoveries occurred of peculiar value . . . in facilitating all other inventions and discoveries.” Lincoln was speaking of the written word and, later, the printing press. But today, we are living through another such invention: artificial intelligence. Powerful generative AI systems like GPT-4 are ushering in a new...

Deputy Secretary Graves Statement on the Release of the National Cybersecurity Strategy

Press releases
Today, the Biden-Harris Administration released the National Cybersecurity Strategy to position the United States and its allies and partners to build a digital ecosystem that is defensible, resilient, and aligned with our values. After the announcement, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves released the following statement: “The National Cybersecurity Strategy reinforces the need for...