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Education, Training and Outreach

Infrastructure Support Division (ISD)

About Us 

Our division oversees, manages and provides technical support and guidance to the Office of Acquisition Management's Director, Deputy Directors, and Division Directors on activities that support the   organization’s infrastructure support line of business which includes: Education, Training and Outreach;  Business and Administrative Support Operations; Planning, Coordinating and Executing Internal and External Projects; Emergency Management, Personnel and Physical Security; and Data Analytics.  The division partners across Department of Commerce (DOC) components and with other federal agencies to foster and achieve mission integration across organizational lines by identifying and engaging diverse resources and key people to effectively gather information, build collaborative decision-making teams to complete assigned and implied tasks.

Education, Training, and Outreach

This is the cornerstone of ISD’s mission.  The division collaborates extensively with bureaus in DOC, other government agencies, professional/trade associations and other organizations on building, procuring, deploying, managing and evaluating organization-wide acquisition workforce learning and development programs that align with the Department’s workforce planning and talent development services that support and maintain DOC’s high-performing acquisition workforce.  The Division oversees research and planning to leverage cutting-edge approaches to training and development and employ state of the art training delivery technologies and methodologies that align with modern research and proven industry best practices.

Flagship Event

Big “A” Acquisition Conference – OAM’s flagship education, training and outreach event.  It is a  multi-day, multi-faceted Secretarial-Level training and professional development event that is strategically focused, customer driven, that involves extensive coordination, collaboration and synchronization of requirements from an unprecedented group of stakeholders including the Secretary and Deputy Secretary, Department-level offices, Department of Commerce (DoC) Bureau heads, the Chief Financial Officer/Assistant Secretary for Administration (CFO/ASA) and numerous federal agency partners. Over the span of 11 years, OAM has provided training and professional development to over 5000 employees on topics ranging from best practices, latest technology, and proven strategies to accomplish work more efficiently and effectively. 

Check out our OMB MAX site to view the diverse array of topics we have presented: https://community.max.gov/x/k4mPIg. You must have a MAX account to log in and unlock your access to a selection of best-in-class training. Select a Conference year to view presentation slides and in some years, video content.