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GAO Cases on Innovative Approaches

The Lab - Acquisition Innovation


Smart Risk-Taking Learning Opportunities From GAO Cases

 *Disclaimer: The following GAO cases are compiled to guide acquisition teams; however, it is strongly advised that readers review the entire GAO case. This information is not meant to be interpreted as legal advice.

GAO Case FAR Why this case is a good read*

Advanced Technology Systems, Inc., B-296493.6, October 6, 2006

FAR 8.4
  • Responsibility determination not required when placing a task or delivery order under FSS contract.
  • FAR 8.405-2(d) requires level of effort and labor mix evaluation in selection decision when SOW is required.

AlliantCorps, LLC, B-417126; B-417126.3; B-417126.4, February 27, 2019

FAR 8.4
  • Comparative evaluation
  • Streamlined evaluation and not documenting each component of vendor quotation. Agencies Solicitation advised about limited evaluation record. GAO - Judgement must be documented in sufficient detail to show it is not arbitrary.

Amyx Inc., B-416734.2, April 9, 2019

FAR 8.4
  • Streamlined Evaluation and Selection Documents
  • Documentation need only be sufficient to establish that the agency was aware of the relative merits of the competing quotes.
CACI, Inc., B-420441; B-420441.2; B-420441.3; April 7, 2022

FAR 16.505(b)(1)

  • Protest that agency improperly evaluated proposals under solicitation’s corporate experience factor and conducted a flawed best-value tradeoff is sustained because the solicitation established the corporate experience factor as the most important factor for the purpose of the agency’s best-value tradeoff process, yet the agency evaluated corporate experience solely on a pass/fail basis and did not afford the factor any further qualitative consideration in the tradeoff decision.
  • Two phase evaluation approach could have been successfully if the role of pass/fail factor was better spelled out in the solicitation and followed through to award.

Deloitte Consulting LLP, B-417988.2; B-417988.3; B-417988.4, March 23, 2020

FAR 8.4
  • Agency documentation did not adequately support award to lower price offeror.
  • Agencies may not base their decisions on ratings alone, but are required to consider underlying bases for ratings.
Dentrust Dental International, Inc B-419054.2; B-419054.3, April 6, 2021 FAR 15.3
  • Confidence Rating
  • Oral Presentations
E. Huttenbauer & Son. Inc. B-258018.3, March 20, 1995  
  • Responsibility is a contract formation matter and per FAR not required when exercising an option.

E3 Federal Solutions, LLC d/b/a Avantus Federal, B-419712; B-419712.2, July 8, 2021

FAR 16.505(b)(1)

  • Confidence Rating
  • Oral Presentations
  • Tradeoff decision to award to higher price even when same confidence rating is supported by documentation.
ESAC, Inc B-413104.34, April 17, 2019

FAR 15.3

  • Go/no-go phased evaluation
  • CTA Contractor Team Arrangements

IBM Corporation, B-415575, January 19, 2018

FAR 15.3

  • Confidence Rating
  • Advisory down-select
  • Oral Presentations
  • Innovative Market Research techniques

Leidos Innovation Corporation, B-415514; B-415514.2; B-415514.3, January 18, 2018

FAR 16.505(b)(1)

  • Best suited then negotiate
  • Agencies do not need to videotape or record oral presentation.
  • Responsibility on persuasive response during oral presentation falls on offeror.

MTB-Group, Inc, B-295463, February 23, 2005

FAR 13
  • Reverse auction format under SAP do not expressly prohibit disclosure of vendors’ prices.

Sapient Government Services, Inc., B-412163.2, January 4, 2016

FAR 16.505(b)(1)

  • Streamlined Evaluation and Selection Documents Technique.
  • Oral presentations are not discussions.
  • Simple and brief bullets can be used to document technical evaluations.
Science and Technology Corporation, B-420216, January 3, 2022 FAR 16.505(b)
  • Department of Commerce protest
  • Agency restriction of experience solely to the prime is not objectionable if the requirement meets an agency’s legitimate need, e.g., to reduce risk of unsuccessful performance due to complexity. 
  • Agency is not required to evaluate past performance under a task order competition, but rather, can use Corporate Experience to obtain more meaningful insight into the capabilities of an offeror.

Sevatec Inc., B-413559.3, January 11, 2017

FAR 15.3

  • It is not a CICA violation to exclude offerors before considering price.
  • Tradeoff selection has been achieved as the process considered price of every awardee.

The Ambit Group, LLC, B-420079, November 19, 2021

FAR 8.4

  • Down-select go, no-go basis with failure to establish valid protest grounds on down-selection, disqualifies protester as an interested party.
  • Requirement may be burdensome or impossible for a given company to meet if it reasonably represents the agency’s needs.

VariQ Corporation, B-414650.11; B-414650.15, May 30, 2018

FAR 16.505(b)(1)

  • Select best-suited, then negotiate
  • Number count of strengths and weaknesses is not a great foundation for award decision.

Verisys Corporation, B-413204.5; B-413204.6; B-413204.7, October 2, 2017

FAR 8.4

  • Oral Presentations
  • Price reduction exchanges per FAR 8.405-4.

Vertical Jobs, B-415891.2; B-415891.4, April 19, 2018

FAR 15.3

  • Oral presentation is not discussion as offerors were never afforded an opportunity to submit proposal revisions.
  • Protester not an interested party if not next in line for award.

XL Associates Inc. d/b/a XLA, B-417426.3, January 16, 2020

FAR 8.4

  • Confidence Rating
  • Protester relied on another vendor consistent with past orders; however, the agency lowered rating and GAO found it reasonable.



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