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Scam involving procurement officials being impersonated

The Office of Acquisition Management (OAM) supports the Acquisition, Grants, Program Management, Cost Estimation, Risk, and Audit communities at the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Learn more about OAM

Acquisition Policy

Learn about the laws, policies, and procedures that shape our acquisition environment.

Suspension and Debarment

Learn about the Department's Suspension and Debarment process, which protects the federal government from doing business with non-responsible contractors and grantees.

Program Management
Learn about the Department's Acquisition Program and Project Management Framework.
Financial Assistance Policy

Learn about the laws, policies, and procedures that shape our financial assistance environment.

Risk Management Process

Learn more about the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Program and GAO/OIG Audit Liaison functions for the Department.

Cost Estimation
Learn about the Department's program for cost estimating and implementing independent cost estimates (ICE) for Mission Critical programs.