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Remarks by Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves at the National Muslim American Leaders Convening


Hello everyone! Thank you all for joining us today at the Department of Commerce’s first-ever National Muslim American Leaders Convening. We are honored to have you here today.

I would like to recognize and thank our Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Andres and team are doing invaluable work for the American people.  And their work is made even stronger when we ensure that all voices from all communities—including the voices of Muslim Americans –are heard and brought to bear on the most important economic policies that will drive U.S. competitiveness, jobs, equity, and resilience.

Muslim Americans are part of the rich mosaic of people and communities that make up the most innovative and dynamic economy in the world.  You are America’s entrepreneurs, innovators, small business owners, job creators, inventors, workers, and educators, and we honor you for your contributions to the U.S. economy, culture, and society.  I’ve often said that the Commerce Department is not just the Department of business but the Department of people and communities. I want you to know that YOU are among the communities we are here to serve because it is good for our country and it is good for our economy.

And that is also why I’d like to say here, as I’ve said before: there is absolutely no place for Islamophobia or hate of any kind in our country This is an enduring message that the President and Vice President have often shared – a message that has never been more important, especially, as the Middle East goes through a terribly painful and heart-wrenching period of conflict, where, every day, innocent lives are being lost.

In these moments, it is worth remembering that the diversity of our people our love of community and country, and our entrepreneurial spirit is what makes America strong and resilient. That is why the Commerce Department is fully committed to promoting opportunities for the prosperity of all our communities.

Our goal is to promote an economy that works for everyone. Our goal is to foster an environment in which all communities have the opportunity to succeed. That is why, under the Biden-Harris Administration, the Department is:

  • making unprecedented investments in critical and emerging technologies like chips and clean tech across the country – in the heartland, in rural communities, and our cities,
  • training a diverse and skilled 21st century workforce,
  • promoting job growth everywhere,
  • ensuring that all communities are connected to affordable highspeed Internet,
  • and so much more.

And that is where you all come in. These investments – from grants to apprenticeships, from resources to trainings – are intended to expand opportunity and create jobs.  But they will not work without your active partnership and input. And that’s why today is about hearing from you.

I believe in the power of our communities in realizing America’s path to prosperity. And today’s convening is indicative of what happens when our communities work together: we build solutions and shape outcomes that will safeguard our country’s economic security for decades to come.

Throughout today’s convening, I invite you to seek out our team in the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships with any questions  or feedback.  Let us   know how our work can better serve you. We want to make sure that our resources are available to you when you need them most.

I look forward to our continued partnership. Thank you.