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2013-07-11 10:15 Press Releases U.S. Department of Commerce: Exports from 50 U.S. Metropolitan Areas Topped $1 Trillion in 2012
2013-07-08 16:00 Fact Sheets Fact Sheet: Doing Business in Africa (DBIA) Campaign
2013-07-03 11:10 Press Releases Statement from U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker on International Trade in Goods and Services in May 2013
2013-06-21 10:00 Fact Sheets County Summary Report of Areas in New Jersey and New York Affected by Hurricane Sandy
2013-06-05 10:00 Fact Sheets Broadband Availability Beyond the Rural/Urban Divide
2013-05-24 15:00 Fact Sheets Fact Sheet: National Export Initiative
2013-05-21 10:10 Opinion Editorials Austin American Statesman - "Blank: U.S., Colombia Play Key Role in Future of Americas"
2013-04-20 09:00 Opinion Editorials Deseret News - "This is a Key Moment to Attract More U.S. Business Investment"
2013-04-18 13:45 Deputy Secretary Speeches Hexcel Corporation, Salt Lake City, Utah
2013-04-17 15:00 Fact Sheets Fact Sheet: The Investing In Manufacturing Communities Partnership
2013-04-15 14:00 Deputy Secretary Speeches Remarks at the International Economic Development Council
2013-01-25 09:00 Fact Sheets The Second Phase Report on the Statistical Discrepancy of Merchandise Trade between the United States and China
2013-01-18 09:00 Fact Sheets The Geographic Concentration of Manufacturing Across the United States
2012-06-05 14:03 Secretary Speeches Remarks at the NIST Cloud Computing Forum and Workshop
2012-06-05 12:15 Secretary Speeches Remarks at Capitol Hill Ocean Week 2012
2012-05-07 10:00 Fact Sheets The Benefits of Manufacturing Jobs
2012-03-09 09:00 Fact Sheets Intellectual Property and the U.S. Economy: Industries in Focus
2012-01-06 09:00 Fact Sheets The Competitiveness and Innovative Capacity of the United States
2011-11-08 09:00 Fact Sheets Exploring the Digital Nation - Computer and Internet Use at Home
2011-09-11 10:00 Fact Sheets Education Supports Racial and Ethnic Equality in STEM
2011-09-01 10:00 Fact Sheets Oil Heat Price Analysis 2011
2011-08-03 10:00 Fact Sheets Women in STEM: A Gender Gap to Innovation
2011-07-14 10:00 Fact Sheets STEM: Good Jobs Now and For the Future
2011-06-13 10:00 Fact Sheets Foreign Direct Investment in the United States
2011-05-11 10:00 Fact Sheets U.S. Trade in Private Services


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