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Statement from Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves Regarding Extending “Internet for All” Middle Mile Program Filing Deadline for Eligible Entities in Puerto Rico


In light of President Biden’s declaration of emergency for Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Fiona, the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information has temporarily waived the deadline for eligible entities to apply for funding from NTIA’s Middle Mile Grant Program for projects that would build high-speed Internet infrastructure in Puerto Rico. The new deadline for such applications is November 1, 2022. Deputy Secretary of Commerce and Puerto Rico Economic Growth Coordinator Don Graves released the following statement:

“The Biden Administration remains committed to helping the people of Puerto Rico recover and rebuild and stands ready to offer as much assistance as possible. This includes ensuring that Hurricane Fiona does not prevent businesses, municipal governments, and other entities in Puerto Rico from participating in President Biden’s “Internet for All” initiative. I applaud Assistant Secretary Alan Davidson for moving quickly to extend the September 30th deadline for entities in Puerto Rico to apply for the $1 billion “Middle Mile” grant program. This action gives applicants an extra month to complete their applications so that they can focus on restoring connectivity and caring for their families and neighbors who have been impacted by the storm.

“The Department will continue to work with our colleagues across the federal government to find other ways to support the immediate needs of citizens and recognize the hardship the hurricane has put on the island.  We stand ready to support Governor Pierluisi and the people of Puerto Rico.”