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U.S. Department of Commerce Announces Additional Biden-Harris Administration Appointments


The U.S. Department of Commerce announced additional key leadership appointments under the Biden-Harris Administration. The diverse and accomplished group brings a vast array of experiences and perspectives to the Department and join a growing team ready to foster more equitable economic growth and advance the Biden-Harris Administration’s key priorities.  

“We are excited for this experienced group of individuals to join the Department of Commerce as we get to work carrying out President Biden’s bold vision for America,” said Chief of Staff Mike Harney. “These passionate professionals are ready to help strengthen American businesses, create good-paying jobs, and build our economy back better than ever.”  

The new appointments are listed in alphabetical order by last name. This list includes Biden-Harris Administration appointees named in an initial announcement. 

Office of the Secretary:  

  • Nell Abernathy – Deputy Director, Office of Policy and Strategic Planning  
  • Cynthia Aragon - White House Liaison  
  • Matthew Bucci – Counselor to the Secretary  
  • Brittany Caplin – Deputy Director of Public Affairs and Press Secretary  
  • Gabriela Castillo – Director of Public Affairs  
  • Rachit Choksi – Director for Oversight, Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs  
  • Christopher Day – Deputy Assistant Secretary for Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs  
  • DeUndre Eberhart – Special Assistant  
  • Kevin Gallagher – Senior Advisor, Upskilling and Broadband  
  • Ivy Grey – Director, Executive Secretariat  
  • Antwaun Griffin – Senior Advisor, COVID-19  
  • Camilo Haller - Confidential Assistant, Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs  
  • Mike Harney – Chief of Staff  
  • Natalie Evans Harris - Senior Advisor, Delivery  
  • Othniel Harris – Special Assistant, Office of the General Counsel  
  • Calynn Jenkins – Deputy White House Liaison  
  • Luis Jimenez – Deputy Chief of Staff  
  • Lauren Oppenheimer – Director of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs  
  • Camilo Manjarres – Scheduler  
  • Sean Manning – Press Assistant  
  • Quentin Palfrey – Deputy General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel  
  • Kim Peyser – Deputy Chief of Staff  
  • Stephanie Sykes – Director of Intergovernmental Affairs  
  • Bradley Williams – Deputy Director of Public Affairs and Director of Digital Strategy and Engagement  
  • Meron Yohannes – Policy Advisor, Office of Policy and Strategic Planning  

Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS):  

  • Steven Emme – Chief of Staff  
  • Sahar Hafeez – Senior Advisor  
  • Feras Sleiman – Congressional Affairs Specialist  

U.S. Census Bureau:  

  • Angel Colón – Chief of Congressional Affairs   
  • Meghan Maury – Senior Advisor   

Economic Development Administration (EDA):  

  • Ike Umunnah - Director of Public Affairs  

International Trade Administration (ITA):  

  • Christopher Hoff – Deputy Assistant Secretary for Services  
  • Ryan Majerus – Deputy Assistant Secretary for Antidumping and Countervailing Duties Policy and Negotiations  
  • Susannah Marshall – Special Assistant  
  • Cara Morrow – Director of Policy

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:  

  • Karen Hyun - Chief of Staff  
  • Letise LaFeir - Senior Advisor  
  • Emily McAuliffe – Special Assistant  
  • Walker Smith – General Counsel 
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