In today's economy, all businesses need to think globally. Any entrepreneur or CEO faces a world that is more interconnected and more competitive than ever -- and to succeed in the 21st century, any smart enterprise knows that its customer base is not just around the corner, but around the world. There is no doubt that the global economic landscape has changed dramatically in recent years...


There are 11.7 million reasons to lead on trade. That’s the estimated number of American jobs supported by exports in 2014, our fifth consecutive year of record-breaking exports. These record performances are truly a “Team USA” effort, driven by businesses of all sizes from all sectors across our economy. If any one group deserves special attention, it is our small businesses, which comprise 98...


On Dec. 17, 2010, a Tunisian street vendor named Mohammed Bouazizi staged a desperate protest against corrupt local officials by setting himself on fire. The act helped trigger a revolution in his country and a wave of uprisings across North Africa and the Middle East. The consequences of his actions were complex, but his demands were simple: He wanted to earn a good living, start a business and...


Today, we cannot forget that the roots of that extraordinary political upheaval were about economic freedom. Indeed, Mohamed Bouazizi’s demands were simple: the chance to earn a good living; the opportunity to start a business; and the need to put food on the table and support a family.


Thanks to the resilience of U.S. workers and businesses of all sizes, "Made in America" is making a comeback. According to data released last week by the Department of Commerce, American businesses exported $2.35 trillion in goods and services in 2014, hitting a record high for the fifth straight year. The United States sold more to our 20 free trade partners than ever before and...


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