Over the last eight years, America has written a new chapter in our relationship with Africa. Under President Obama’s leadership, we have worked to transition our support for the continent from aid to trade and empowerment. We have started to build a full, equal, advanced economic partnership — a partnership that holds as much promise for African countries as it does for America. This week’s U.S...


From strengthening cybersecurity, to promoting the free flow of information worldwide, to expanding broadband access, the Obama Administration has consistently championed policies to ensure the Internet remains the greatest platform for free expression, innovation, and economic opportunity ever known. Yet just as the United States, our allies, and global Internet freedom advocates prepare to...


Today, no other country attracts more foreign direct investment than the United States. Cities and towns across America are benefiting from the international firms that have become vital members of their communities – from Mercedes-Benz in Charleston, South Carolina to Kudelski Group in Phoenix, Arizona.  Companies like these make valuable contributions not only to our local economies, but also...


Water is our most precious resource. It sustains and nourishes all life on earth and underpins our entire economy, from energy and agriculture to trade and recreation. Yet water also represents one of our greatest threats. Torrential downpours, flash and river flooding, droughts and other severe weather events provide us with constant reminders of its destructive power


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