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Fact Sheet: What they are Saying: The Department of Commerce Spearheads a New Approach to Consumer Privacy


On September 26, 2018, the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration launched an effort to find a new approach to the privacy and protection of consumer data, establishing America’s leadership in innovation and technology on the world stage.

Computer & Communications Industry Association President & CEO Ed Black: CCIA welcomes the Department of Commerce’s engagement, through NTIA and NIST, with the ongoing conversation about privacy and data protection. Our companies are willing to engage in a real thoughtful discussion on privacy and are glad to see NTIA and NIST taking the lead to organize that in a way that includes input from all stakeholders.

CTIA Director of Cybersecurity and Privacy Melanie Tiano: We appreciate NTIA’s leadership in proposing privacy principles to inform the legislative debate that will enable innovation to continue to flourish, and look forward to engaging in the development process.

Information Technology Industry Council President Dean Garfield: This is a positive step toward modernizing our laws, so they better align with user expectations and enable the technology driving our future.

Internet Association President AND CEO Michael Beckerman: The internet industry commends NTIA for leading an important national dialogue on the importance of modernizing America’s approach to data privacy. Americans deserve – and internet companies support – a modern approach to privacy regulation that meets consumer demands and provides a clear and consistent framework from coast to coast.

Software & Information Industry Association Vice President For Public Policy Mark MacCarthy: SIIA is pleased that NTIA has launched an inquiry into steps that can be taken to improve privacy protection in the United States, while still allowing for innovative data uses. We will be responding to this request for comments and encourage industry groups, privacy advocates and privacy scholars to participate.

USTelecom President & CEO Jonathan Spalter: USTelecom appreciates this effort by NTIA to advance the privacy conversation. Our members understand the success of any digital business depends on consumer trust. … Taken together, we hope these initiatives will lay the groundwork for a single, national framework with strong consumer protections and flexibility for a competitive and innovative marketplace.