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Department of Commerce Hosts Biden Administration’s First Interagency Equity Convening

On November 9th, 2021, the Department of Commerce, in collaboration with the Ford Foundation; the U.S. Impact Investing Alliance; B Lab; Families and Workers Fund; and Ariel Investments, hosted the Biden-Harris administration’s first-ever Interagency Convening on Equitable Economic Growth. By bringing together key players from the government and private sector, speakers shared best practices...

U.S. Census Bureau Releases Key Stats on Nation's Veteran Population

The following is a cross-post from the U.S. Census Bureau Veterans Day originated as “Armistice Day” on Nov. 11, 1919, the first anniversary marking the end of World War I. Congress passed a resolution in 1926 making it an annual observance, and it became a national holiday in 1938. Then-President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed legislation in 1954 to change the name to Veterans Day to honor all those...

Celebrating America’s Manufacturing Resilience: Applauding Makers, Like Phorge Makerspace in Sheridan, Wyoming

We are celebrating America’s manufacturing resilience during this difficult time. Unlike traditional manufacturing facilities, makerspaces are places where people bounce ideas off each other, work out problems, learn and hone useful skills as they make things themselves. Here’s one makerspace’s unique pandemic story. Phorge Makerspace — part of a statewide community of makers Phorge Makerspace in...

Advancing Equity With Census Bureau Data

The following is a cross-post from the U.S. Census Bureau Director's Blog Earlier this year, President Biden announced a federal agenda to advance equity for all Americans, including people of color and others who have been historically underserved, marginalized and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality. As the nation works toward “a systemic approach to embedding fairness in...

Cybersecurity Month: NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the Benefits of a Unified Approach in Securing our Cyberspace

Since 2004, October has been recognized as Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Every year, the National Cyber Security Alliance, and the Department of Homeland Security raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity in our country. This year we continue this tradition with the theme “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.” This year’s theme encourages individuals and organizations to understand their role...

Celebrating Our Nation’s First Responders

By Edward Parkinson, Chief Executive Officer, First Responder Network Authority First responders face challenges every day with grit, determination, and selflessness. We are thankful for the work they do to protect our communities, especially as a global pandemic has added extra obstacles, restrictions, danger, and stress to their mission. During this worldwide health crisis, natural disasters and...

Commerce Concludes Successful Hispanic Heritage Month Showcasing Resources for Hispanic Business and Outstanding Hispanic Employees and Leaders

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, the Commerce Department and many of its agencies held events. They showcased employees on their blog and social media platforms highlighting their achievements and what Hispanic Heritage Month meant to them. The Commerce Department is proud to honor and will continue to honor the many diverse agencies and programs and the Hispanic community throughout the year...

Keeping Your Data Safe: The Differential Privacy Temporal Map Challenge

Data is critical in modern society — it aids in decision-making for everything from fighting wildfires to solving homelessness and even promoting fitness. However, managing private data has become a serious security risk for individuals, companies, and governments. In recognition of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the Department of Commerce (DOC) highlights how the National Institute of Standards...