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Request for Information: AI-Ready Open Government Data Assets

What is the AI and Open Government Data Assets Working Group, and why have they launched a Request for Information (RFI)?

Last year, the Department of Commerce’s Data Governance Board kicked off the AI and Open Government Data Assets Working Group with the goal of developing guidelines and best practices for achieving AI-ready open government data. The working group has launched a Request for Information (RFI) to collaborate with the private and public sectors as the Department explores producing AI-ready data. The RFI will close on July 16th, 2024.

The Department of Commerce is committed to making its public data easily accessible and interpretable so that all Americans can benefit from insights found within its vast and diverse collection of economic, demographic, and environmental data (Data and reports). The working group is interested in enabling and encouraging the responsible use of Commerce’s public data by AI applications. The group is particularly interested in Generative AI and its ability to enable users to explore and derive insights from data without specialized expertise or knowledge. The working group believes that Generative AI applications have the potential to democratize and provide equitable access to Commerce data, inevitably spurring innovation across the country.

To this end, the RFI seeks public comment on the Department’s data dissemination methods and data structures as it is increasingly consumed by AI systems. The working group plans to publish its learnings from the RFI as guidelines and best practices by the end of 2024.

How can I learn more about the RFI?

The working group will engage with experts in both the private and public sectors to achieve its goal of publishing guidelines and best practices for achieving AI-ready open data assets. The Working Group will host a public webinar about the RFI on April 29th  from 2- 3 p.m. ET. RSVP here.

If you or your organization would like to receive updates about upcoming public events related to the RFI, or have additional questions, please email [email protected].