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We’re Bringing Affordable, High-Speed Internet to Every Single American

"I am the Secretary of Commerce. And my job is to make sure that America can compete that our businesses and our companies can compete effectively in the world, including our small businesses, our family farms, and Americans, American workers. And I have to tell you, you cannot compete if you don't have the Internet. I just talked to a third-generation family farmer here in Wisconsin who struggles because the Internet is expensive and doesn't have high quality, and you all know it. You all have friends and family who don't have it. So President Biden has said he's committed to making sure every single American, and that means everyone, not most, has high-speed, affordable Internet.  That's what this is about. And that's what I'm doing, is investing $50 billion all around the country to make sure every American is connected." Secretary Gina Raimondo