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Secretary Raimondo Celebrates LGBTQI+ Pride

Today I had the opportunity to join our colleagues in raising the Pride flag as we celebrate the official start of Pride month.

Pride Month is an opportunity to reflect on the incredible strength, perseverance, and progress of the LGBTQI+ community. It’s also our chance to honor the struggles of those who worked for decades to pave the way for the generations that followed them – brave individuals who stood up and came out, often at their own personal expense, to build a better, more accepting America.

With this flag, we’re reaffirming our support for the LGBTQI+ members of the Commerce team, and the Biden Administration’s commitment to building a more inclusive society for all Americans.

Happy Pride Month!

  • hello everybody
    happy Pride
    um I was gonna apologize for keeping you
    and I am sorry to keep you but I have to
    say it's pretty nice to be out here
    I wish I could stay a little longer to
    be outside a huge thank you to Jerry and
    huge thank you to Matt fan for all you
    guys do
    organize organizing today's event and
    commerce pride and keeping us all
    together and keeping us focused on the
    right things here at Team Commerce
    uh I'd say last year I did this event
    and the flag came out and in the weeks
    following that several people that I met
    commented on the pride flag at Commerce
    and how it made them like they noticed
    it they recognized it they felt included
    they felt heard they felt proud that the
    Department of Commerce would recognize
    them in that way and so today I'm just
    so thrilled to be doing this again and
    to be proudly putting our flag out on
    the Department of Commerce when I was
    the governor my favorite parade by the
    way when you're the governor you do a
    lot of parades
    like a lot of parades uh my favorite by
    far was the pride parade by far was
    Pride weekend Rhode Island loves our
    pride parade if you've never been you
    get to go it's the best in New England
    I know you're sick of hearing me brag
    about Rhode Island but it's true
    um and of course it still happens at
    which was always such a reminder
    of you know it wasn't that long ago
    that the lgbtq community had to gather
    at night had to live in the shadows had
    you know live their life at work or in
    their family
    as someone who they weren't
    and today we say not in America not in
    the Biden Administration not in the
    Commerce family
    we want you
    we want you to show up every day as your
    authentic self
    to be who you are all that you are and
    to bring that to work
    everywhere you go but I want you to
    bring it to work
    and I want you to bring it to work
    because we will be better if you do that
    we will be worse off if you feel you
    have to pretend you're somebody you're
    not in order to show up at work and be
    we will be better off if you can show up
    as you are
    with dignity and respect and be
    respected for who you are authentically
    and that's what this is all about that's
    why we show up I think it's important to
    show up I think it's important to put
    the flag up I think it's important to
    talk about this and I love our theme for
    this year's Commerce Pride a spectrum of
    the more diversity we have the more
    vibrant we'll be the more the quite
    frankly the fewer mistakes we'll make
    because we'll Embrace different
    more mistakes will be made if we have a
    small lens and the same old same old
    conventional wisdom that we bring to
    every problem we try to solve
    now as exciting as this is and I do I
    really think this is exciting and I'm

    the mother of two teenagers and I tell
    them the same thing I tell you guys be
    who you are know who you are be who you
    are and never be ashamed of that never
    be ashamed of that and by the way if you
    see any smidgen
    of discrimination in the Department of
    Commerce call it out
    call it out discrimination and hate
    thrive in the darkness and so I want you
    to call it out wherever you are because
    it's not okay
    but anyway though as excited as I am and
    as happy as I am look here's the reality
    and you don't need me to tell you this
    you really don't need me to tell you
    this but it is a reality and it's a
    scary reality
    not everybody can go to work in a place
    where they're accepted for who they are
    people are still getting fired for who
    they love and who they are
    in some states you can't even if you're
    a kid be taught in school about sexual
    it is a sad day in America when we are
    burning books
    for views
    that talk about sexual orientation
    so it's more important than ever I was
    actually just in a meeting in the skiff
    obviously I can't tell you what I was
    talking about but it was some pretty
    heavy stuff related to our national
    security and I said I gotta go I'll be
    back because this is just as important
    as that I really believe that I actually
    really believe that this is just as
    important as that because if we're going
    to be a free country a beacon of freedom
    and democracy and tolerance that leads
    the world then we have to start at home
    with events like this so let's celebrate
    this pride month the best way to
    celebrate is to recommit ourselves to
    staying in the fight as you know I
    reference some of the Grim things
    happening around the country stay in the
    fight for equality inclusion and respect
    let's be proud
    happy pride and let's raise this flag
    over the doc
    should we do it in Spanish
    Trace does Uno