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Commerce Deputy Secretary Don Graves to Travel to Puerto Rico

From February 6—10, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves will travel to San Juan, Puerto Rico to announce funding for Puerto Rico and address the importance of responding to the Economic Census, the official five-year measure of American business and the economy. Data provided by businesses fuels the most comprehensive economic statistics available, representing all U.S. industries and geographies.

"I am looking forward to fruitful and productive conversations with Puerto Rican leaders and announcing several important Commerce Department initiatives that will assist small businesses across the Commonwealth," said Graves. "Providing access to capital to small and mid-size businesses is critical towards job creation and economic growth." 

On February 6, Deputy Secretary Graves will participate in the first roundtable hosted by CNE to discuss working capital needed by SMEs to unlock federal funding. Specifically, the group will address what tools or resources can the federal government extend and how to make economic growth more robust and longer lasting with federal dollars.

The next day, Graves will tour Lufthansa’s Technical Training GmbH (LTT), the provider of training and qualification programs for the aviation industry. He will later participate in a roundtable at the Aeronautical & Aerospace Institute of Puerto Rico (AAIPR) and address the current Aerospace landscape and the top needs to grow this sector in Puerto Rico.

On February 8, Graves will participate in a roundtable discussion at the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association on how the federal government can help in terms of working capital, workforce training and retooling, and additional labor so that Puerto Rico’s manufacturing base can better access the billions in federal funding that have been made available for Puerto Rico’s recovery and renewal.

Last year, Deputy Secretary Graves traveled to San Juan where he met with Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi and announced the intent for the U.S. Government to partner with the Government of Puerto Rico in holding an economic dialogue in Washington D.C. He also announced his new role as the Administration’s Puerto Rico Economic Growth Coordinator. Read more about his trip here

The Biden-Harris Administration is investing unprecedented resources in Puerto Rico’s economic growth and is committed to working closely with partners across the archipelago—in communities and in the government, nonprofit, and private sectors—to ensure that growth is inclusive, resilient, and sustainable.