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Ray Cohen, Deputy Assistant Director for International Operations, Bureau of Industry and Security
NOVEMBER 7, 2018

NIST's platinum-iridium kilogram K92 (front) with stainless-steel kilogram masses in the background. Credit: J.L. Lee/NIST
NOVEMBER 5, 2018

Dr. Ron Jarmin and members of the Alaska Federation of Natives.
NOVEMBER 2, 2018

Participants meet at the 2018 SelectUSA Investment Summit.
NOVEMBER 1, 2018

Be Aware, Be Secure Logo.
OCTOBER 19, 2018

U.S. Census Bureau Graphic on Post-Secondary Employment Outcomes.
OCTOBER 17, 2018

Nestor Ramirez, Technology Center Director, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
OCTOBER 12, 2018

Celebrating Manufacturing Day and the Contributions of Manufacturing to the American Economy (Photo Credit: NIST MEP).
OCTOBER 10, 2018

Jenise Reyes-Rodriguez, Computer Scientist, National Institute of Standards and Technology (Photo Credit: Stoughton/NIST).
OCTOBER 10, 2018

 Raul Rodriguez, Utilities System Repair Operator, Office of Space & Building Management
OCTOBER 9, 2018