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February 2002 Main Street in the Digital Age: How Small and Medium-sized Businesses Are Using the Tools of the New Economy
February 2002 Digital Economy 2002
February 2002 A Nation Online: How Americans Are Expanding Their Use Of The Internet
June 2000 Digital Economy 2000
November 1999 The Economics of Y2K and the Impact on the United States
June 1999 The Emerging Digital Economy II
March 1999 1997 Economic Census: Advance Summary Statistics for the United States 1997 NAICS Basis
July 1998 The Emerging Digital Economy
June 1997 Structural Change in the U.S. Banking Industry: The Role of Information Technology
June 1997 Re-Examining the Cost-of-Living Index and the Biases of Price Indices
June 1997 International Competitiveness: Labor Productivity Leadership and Convergence Among 14 OECD Countries
April 1997 Economy-Wide and Industry-Level Impact of Information Technology
March 1997 Information Technology's Impact on Firm Structure: A Cross-Industry Analysis
March 1996 Service Industries and Economic Performance
July 1995 Engines of Growth: Manufacturing Industries in the U.S. Economy
June 1995 Patterns of Advanced Technology Adoption and Manufacturing Performance: An Overview
June 1995 Re-Examining the Cost-Effectiveness of the Research and Experimentation Tax Credit
April 1995 Trade, Technology and Plant Performance
April 1995 The U.S. Telecommunications Services Industry: Assessing Competitive Advantage
Streamlining Permitting and Reducing Regulatory Burdens For Domestic Manufacturing