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Secretary of Commerce, and Undersecretary of Everything Else

Whether your interest is in the effects of shipping routes on marine ecosystems, advancements in fire-fighting technology, or ensuring fair trade laws, the Office of the General Counsel provides opportunities for your passions to impact policies. Taking Commerce from a sleepy backwater to economic efficiency In 1921 the Commerce Department was a small, sleepy agency without political influence...

Kommerce Kickers Make the Playoffs!

OGC was proud to field a strong team for the 2024 Volo Kickball league. The Kommerce Kickers made a terrific showing this year, going all the way to the playoffs before being taken out by a regular season loss to FDA’s Rompin’ Regulators and a playoff loss to the Black Bandits. There are no hard feelings, of course (well…). Learn more about Commerce and OGC Social sports leagues on the mall have...

What do alligators, Adam Smith, and Robinson Crusoe have in common?

Q: What do alligators, Adam Smith, and Robinson Crusoe have in common? A: The Commerce Research Library! The Commerce Research Library is located in the Herbert C. Hoover Building (HCHB) in Washington, DC. The Library provides access to databases, books, training opportunities, and presentations that support the ongoing work of Department employees. The historic Reading Room is a beautiful and...

Career Tip – Say Yes!

Here’s a tip that will take you through your whole life: When Elizabeth Liu and Ruby Sheikh and from Georgetown University Law Center invite you to coffee, say yes! I had a blast talking to Elizabeth and Ruby about their work at Georgetown Law’s Office of Public Interest and Community Service . I could have spent hours picking their brains about best practices for new attorney recruitment, the...

Professional Development Committee - 2024 Launch

Joining the Department of Commerce’s Office of the General Counsel affords lawyers and non-lawyers alike with a view into every corner of the Department’s operations. OGC offers its team the opportunity to become experts in specific areas of trade and commerce law but also affords staff the chance to develop skills outside of their areas of expertise. If you’re like us, making space on your...