Intellectual Property

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We have attached a number of useful template documents for you to use. They are divided into two categories: those you can use and execute without further clearance, and those that need legal clearance. Please contact the General Law Division with any questions at (202) 482-5391.

The following templates DO NOT need further legal clearance IF you do not make changes. If changes are made, please submit to us for clearance:

  1. Authorization to Publish – please use this if an outside party asks you for permission to republish a Government work, for example a speech you have given.

  2. Standard Likeness and Release – please use this if you wish to publish a photograph or video of an individual, e.g. photo of visitors to a National Marine Sanctuary that you wish to put on your webpage.

  3. Standard Likeness and Release – modified to work for a minor.

  4. Nondisclosure Agreement– for outside parties who are giving us sensitive information that they do not wish us to disclose.

  5. Assignment to DOC/Bureau of copyrights in photos – taken by non-Government personnel.

  6. License to DOC/Bureau of copyrights in photos – taken by non-Government personnel.

The following templates require legal clearance. Please use them for drafting purposes and then submit for clearance:

  1. License to Use Trademark – a license permitting an outside party to use a Department trademark.

  2. License to Use another party’s trademark – a license permitting the Department to use an outside party’s trademark.

Social Media:

If you would like to use a social media application please begin the process by contacting the Director of Digital Strategy in the Office of Public Affairs at (202) 482-2556. A link to the Department’s web policy can be found at