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Fact Sheets

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05/12/2009 Fact Sheet-March Exports (PDF)
07/10/2009 Fact Sheet-May Exports (PDF)
08/12/2009 Fact Sheet-June Exports (PDF)
09/10/2009 Fact Sheet-July Exports (PDF)
10/09/2009 Fact Sheet-August Exports (PDF)
10/21/2009 Fact Sheet-JCCT (PDF)
10/29/2009 Fact Sheet-JCCT Agreements (PDF)
10/29/2009 Fact Sheet-JCCT Conclusion (PDF)
12/10/2009 Fact Sheet-October Exports (PDF)
01/12/2010 Fact Sheet-November Exports (PDF)
01/25/2010 "Middle Class in America" Task Force Report (PDF)
03/11/2010 Fact Sheet-January Exports (PDF)
03/23/2010 Fact Sheet-Recovery Act Credit Impact on Middle Class Families (PDF)
04/13/2010 Fact Sheet-April Exports (PDF)
04/20/2010 White Paper-Patent Reform: Unleashing Innovation, Promoting Economic Growth & Producing High-Paying Jobs (PDF)
04/27/2010 Fact sheet-Outreach to Muslim-Majority Countries
06/24/2010 Fact Sheet-U.S.-Russia Business Summit
09/01/2010 National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Agenda
10/19/2010 Fact Sheet: U.S.-Turkey Framework for Strategic Economic and Commercial Cooperation
12/15/2010 Fact Sheet: 21st U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade
12/16/2010 Fact Sheet: JCCT Signings
05/13/2011 Fact Sheet: Digital Literacy
06/16/2011 Fact Sheet: Signing Ceremony with the President of Mongolia
11/21/2011 22nd U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade Fact Sheet
11/21/2011 22nd U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade Signing Ceremony Fact Sheet
02/13/2012 Fact Sheet: Department of Commerce FY 2011 Accomplishments
02/13/2012 Fact Sheet: Manufacturing in the FY2013 Commerce Budget
02/13/2012 Fact Sheet: How the Department of Commerce Supports Manufacturing
02/13/2012 Fact Sheet: SelectUSA FY 2013 Budget Request
03/12/2012 Fact Sheet: National Exports Initiatives - Business Success Stories