Mission Statement

The mission of the Department is to create the conditions for economic growth and opportunity. As part of the Obama administration’s economic team, the Secretary of Commerce serves as the voice of U.S. business within the President’s Cabinet.  The Strategic Plan is how the Department maintains its focus on achieving its Open for Business Agenda.

"America is Open for Business" - Penny Pritzker

Job Opportunities

Open Period Job title Office or Bureau
7/20/2015 to 8/4/2015 Human Resources Specialist (Labor Relations) DE Patent and Trademark Office
7/24/2015 to 8/4/2015 Economist, ZP-0110-II, BEA-D-VFD Bureau of Economic Analysis
7/31/2015 to 8/5/2015 Research Physicist ZP-1310-III (GS-11/12 Equivalent) Direct Hire National Institute of Standards and Technology
7/28/2015 to 8/5/2015 IT Specialist (Systems Analysis), GS-2210-13, CENSUS-D-DMM Bureau of the Census
7/29/2015 to 8/6/2015 Economist, ZP-0110-II/III, BEA-D-VFP Bureau of Economic Analysis
7/30/2015 to 8/7/2015 IT Specialist (Systems Analysis), GS-2210-13, Census-D-JL Bureau of the Census
8/3/2015 to 8/10/2015 General Engineer (DEU) Office of the Secretary
7/31/2015 to 8/10/2015 Supervisory IT Specialist (Policy Planning), GS-2210-15, CENSUS-D-LAM Bureau of the Census
8/4/2015 to 8/10/2015 Financial Management Specialist National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
8/4/2015 to 8/10/2015 PHYSICAL SCIENTIST, ZP-1301-4 (DE/CR) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Bureaus & Offices

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