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Category: Deputy Secretary Speeches

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09/09/2009 News Remarks at Trade North America Conference, Detroit, Michigan
09/25/2009 News Remarks at Swearing In Ceremony
12/08/2009 News Remarks at U.S.-India Aviation Partnership Summit
12/11/2009 News Remarks at ExportsLive! - Detroit, Michigan
12/18/2009 News Remarks Announcing $39.7 Million Investment to Increase Broadband Access in New York, Corland, New York
01/21/2010 News Remarks at Peterson Institute for International Economies
02/26/2010 News Remarks at Atlanta Census Roundtable, Atlanta, Georgia
03/03/2010 News Remarks at America's Business Forum, UCLA, Los Angeles, California
03/26/2010 News Remarks at American Chambers of Commerce Brussels and Business Europe, Brussels, Belgium
04/12/2010 News Remarks at Business Roundtable at the Diamond Moba Corporation, Rochester Hills, Michigan
04/15/2010 News Remarks at Economic Development Administration Event, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
01/12/2012 News Remarks at Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, Nevada
01/26/2012 News Remarks at Tech Town Innovation Incubator, Dayton, Ohio
02/07/2012 News Remarks on Workforce Training at Madison Area Technical College, Madison, Wisconsin
03/07/2012 News Remarks at Women’s Leaders Conference in Bern, Switzerland
04/11/2012 News Remarks at the Release of Intellectual Property Report
04/17/2012 Blog Deputy Secretary Blank Speaks on the Role of Innovation in the U.S. Economy
04/19/2012 News Remarks at Information Technology and Innovation Foundation Conference
04/24/2012 News Remarks at the Operation HOPE 20th Anniversary Bus Tour Ceremony, Los Angeles, California
05/02/2012 News Remarks to the Council on Competitiveness Executive Board
05/10/2012 News Remarks to New Policy Institute/NDN
05/16/2012 News Remarks at the Aspen Institute
05/18/2012 News Remarks at University of Maryland Commencement Ceremony, Baltimore, Maryland
06/06/2012 News Remarks at NIST Cloud Computing Forum and Workshop
01/29/2013 News Remarks at Workforce Skills Development at German Ambassador's Residence
02/15/2013 News Remarks on Revitalizing American Manufacturing, Spartanburg, South Carolina
02/20/2013 News Remarks on Administration’s Strategy to Mitigate the Theft of U.S. Trade Secrets
03/05/2013 News Remarks at National Congress of American Indians
03/07/2013 News Remarks at the Silicon Valley Leadership Group Annual Business Summit, San Jose, California
03/20/2013 News Remarks on Strengthening U.S.-Brazil Relations at Columbia University Event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil