Enterprise Services Overview

The Enterprise Services Overview provides an introduction to Enterprise Services, including the purpose, benefits, and scope of services.

  • Welcome to the Enterprise Services overview video. Over the next few minutes, we will walk you through the vision for our Enterprise Services organization so that you can understand how the department's move to Enterprise Services impacts you in your organization.

    First, what does the term Enterprise Services really mean? The Department of Commerce is changing the way we deliver mission-enabling services to improve your experience and the consistency of services across the organization.

    What do we mean by mission-enabling services? Enterprise Services delivers select acquisition information technology and Human Resources services. Select financial management services will transition to enterprise services in the future. These services increase your ability to focus on the mission of the department and the bureaus.

    But why exactly are we making the move to Enterprise Services? The Enterprise Services team and Human Resources, Acquisition, Financial Management and Information Technology leaders across the bureau's studied current operations. This team engaged employees and other bureau leaders through focus groups, interviews, and surveys. As folks shared their experiences it became clear that there were quite a few pain points on Commerce employees. For instance, many employees had trouble filling vacancies and completing hiring actions. Some also experienced extended wait time to purchase common products and services. Other Department of Commerce employees had issues with basic informational technology services like printing wireless access and video conferencing.

    These are the kinds of challenges that the Enterprise Services model helps address leading to several benefits including:

    • Enhance customer experience.
    • Increasing overall customer satisfaction through the efficient delivery of high-quality services and access to real-time information and service.
    • Increased performance management increased transparency into the status of services and accountability for meeting services standards allowing for informed decision making and quick issue resolution.
    • Strengthen mission focus - freeing up bureau employees to allocate their time to strategic activities as opposed to transactional tasks.

    Leaders from each bureau across the department have come together to drive this enterprise-wide solution forward in an effort to see these benefits realized. We are talking about some pretty big changes to improve service delivery. You may be wondering how this changes have happened. Enterprise Services is using a multi-phased approach, so keep in mind that the full transition will occur over a few years. We have already assessed how services were previously delivered and identified important areas that we can make better. We are now putting those plans into action.

    The Enterprise services model has two main parts. First, Enterprise Services is independent from any Bureau and provides the subset of services deemed as fit for delivery in a shared way. In general these are services that are more transactional. Enterprise Services is not a consolidated entity with the Department of Commerce headquarters or within any other bureau. Enterprise Services is an organization that can focus on excellent service delivery for all customers equally.

    Second, there are specific services that will remain at each of the bureaus. This allows the services that are more strategic and mission focused to be provided in a way that remains closely linked to the bureau itself. This model means that the bureau's partner with Enterprise Services to provide you with high quality integrated service.

    Enterprise Services will continue to work closely with leaders and teams within each bureau to communicate important elements of the Enterprise Services transition, so stay tuned for additional details. Your bureau leadership is committed to guiding and supporting you throughout this transition, so please reach out to them to discuss specific questions concerns and feedback, including training opportunities for new or related roles.

    Thank you for watching and continue to keep an eye out for further updates from Enterprise Services