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Commerce Data Academy

This page is an archive of content and course materials from the Commerce Data Academy, which was organized by the Commerce Data Service under the Economics and Statistics Administration. With the closure of the Commerce Data Service, the Academy does not have any planned future courses at this time. However, most of the course materials and recordings are available for viewing below. The goal of...

The Opportunity Project Demo Day: Open Innovation in Action

Guest blog post by Drew Zachary and Mara Abrams, U.S. Census Bureau On November 29th, Under Secretary for Economic Affairs Karen Dunn Kelley and Acting Census Bureau Director Ron Jarmin kicked off The Opportunity Project Demo Day, an event that brought together over 200 innovators from the tech industry, government, non-profits and universities to launch 12 new digital tools built with public data...

Leveraging Open Data to Fuel American Innovation

Leveraging open data is a priority for the Trump Administration, as part of its long-term commitment to modernize government and as a key driver of the American economy. Recently, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced newly-released data giving the public new insights regarding the ins and outs of the patent process, while also providing the USPTO with more meaningful metrics so... API

We invite you to use our content API to enhance the value, accessibility and usability of Commerce data for government, business and the public.

Governance Board Participation by the CIO

ICAM Advisory Council The Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) Advisory Council oversees, governs and coordinates ICAM related functionality and services across the DOC enterprise. It coordinates the technical, enterprise architecture, business, budgetary and research aspects of ICAM services for the DOC enterprise. It represents those interests within the DOC IT governance processes...

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The Department of the Commerce is committed to the President's Open Government Initiative and has submitted high value datasets in support of the Open Government Directive. These datasets span a wide range of functions of Commerce and represent areas of continuing interest by our stakeholders.