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Date Title Report(s)
January 2018 Digital Trade in North America
November 2017 Women in STEM: 2017 Update
October 2017 Foreign Direct Investment in the United States
August 2017 The Employment Impact of Autonomous Vehicles
July 2017 New Insights on Retail E-Commerce
June 2017 Recent Economic Trends in Manufacturing
March 2017 STEM Jobs: 2017 Update
March 2017 2015: What is Made in America?
January 2017 Estimating the Investment and Job Creation Impact of the EB-5 Program
November 2016 The Benefits and Costs of Apprenticeships: A Business Perspective
October 2016 Commerce Data Advisory Council Recommendations Report
September 2016 Measuring the Value of Cross-Border Data Flows
September 2016 Intellectual Property and the U.S. Economy: 2016 Update
August 2016 ICT-Enabled Services Trade in the European Union
June 2016 Foreign Direct Investment in the United States: Update to 2013 Report
June 2016 Digital Matching Firms: A New Definition in the “Sharing Economy” Space
December 2015 What is Made In America?
October 2015 The Pay Premium for Manufacturing Workers as Measured by Federal Statistics
August 2015 Taking the High Road: New Data Show Higher Wages May Increase Productivity, Among Other Benefits
July 2015 Temporary Help Workers in the U.S. Labor Market
May 2015 The Value of the American Community Survey: Smart Government, Competitive Businesses, and Informed Citizens
April 2015 An Update on Temporary Help in Manufacturing
March 2015 Supply Chain Innovation: Strengthening America’s Small Manufacturers
March 2015 The Importance of Data Occupations in the U.S. Economy
December 2014 Competition Among U.S. Broadband Service Providers
November 2014 The Economic Benefits of Reducing Supplier Working Capital Costs
August 2014 Temporary Help in Manufacturing
July 2014 Fostering Innovation, Creating Jobs, Driving Better Decisions: The Value of Government Data
June 2014 Manufacturing Since the Great Recession
May 2014 Winning Business Investment in the United States
January 2014 Digital Economy and Cross-Border Trade: The Value of Digitally-Deliverable Services
November 2013 Broadband Availability in the Workplace
November 2013 Exploring the Digital Nation: America's Emerging Online Experience
October 2013 Foreign Direct Investment Benefits the U.S. Economy
October 2013 Economic Impact of Hurricane Sandy
August 2013 The Earnings of New Hires in Manufacturing
July 2013 Interpreting Recent Trends in the US Auto Industry
June 2013 County Summary Report of Areas in New Jersey and New York Affected by Hurricane Sandy
June 2013 Broadband Availability Beyond the Rural/Urban Divide
January 2013 The Second Phase Report on the Statistical Discrepancy of Merchandise Trade between the United States and China
January 2013 The Geographic Concentration of Manufacturing Across the United States
May 2012 The Benefits of Manufacturing Jobs
March 2012 Intellectual Property and the U.S. Economy: Industries in Focus
January 2012 The Competitiveness and Innovative Capacity of the United States
November 2011 Exploring the Digital Nation - Computer and Internet Use at Home
September 2011 Education Supports Racial and Ethnic Equality in STEM
September 2011 Oil Heat Price Analysis 2011
August 2011 Women in STEM: A Gender Gap to Innovation
July 2011 STEM: Good Jobs Now and For the Future
June 2011 Foreign Direct Investment in the United States
May 2011 U.S. Trade in Private Services
March 2011 Women in America
November 2010 Exploring The Digital Nation: Home Broadband Internet Adoption In The United States
October 2010 Residential Propane Price Analysis 2010
October 2010 Women-Owned Businesses in the 21st Century
September 2010 Estimating the Economic Effects of the Deepwater Drilling Moratorium on the Gulf Coast Economy
April 2010 Patent Reform
April 2010 Exports Support American Jobs
April 2010 U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Intensities Over Time: A Detailed Accounting of Industries, Government and Households
April 2010 Measuring the Green Economy
April 2010 Oil Heat Price Analysis 2008
March 2010 Observations from the Interagency Technical Working Group on Developing a Supplemental Poverty Measure
February 2010 The Impact of 2010 Census Operations on Jobs and Economic Growth
January 2010 Middle Class in America
October 2009 Report on the Statistical Discrepancy of Merchandise Trade between the United States and China
August 2009 Residential Propane Price Analysis 2008
December 2008 The Gulf Coast: Economic Recovery Two Years after the Hurricanes
January 2008 Residential Propane Price Analysis Interim Report
January 2008 Residential Propane Price Analysis 2007
January 2008 Innovation Measurement, Tracking the State of Innovation in the American Economy
December 2006 Macroeconomic and Industrial Effects of Higher Natural Gas Prices
December 2006 Residential Propane Price Analysis 2006
August 2005 Residential Propane Price Analysis 2005
July 2005 A Change to Advance: A Look to Income Variability in the U.S.
December 2003 Digital Economy 2003
February 2002 Digital Economy 2002
February 2002 Main Street in the Digital Age: How Small and Medium-sized Businesses Are Using the Tools of the New Economy
February 2002 A Nation Online: How Americans Are Expanding Their Use Of The Internet
June 2000 Digital Economy 2000
November 1999 The Economics of Y2K and the Impact on the United States
June 1999 The Emerging Digital Economy II
March 1999 1997 Economic Census: Advance Summary Statistics for the United States 1997 NAICS Basis
July 1998 The Emerging Digital Economy
June 1997 Re-Examining the Cost-of-Living Index and the Biases of Price Indices
June 1997 Structural Change in the U.S. Banking Industry: The Role of Information Technology
June 1997 International Competitiveness: Labor Productivity Leadership and Convergence Among 14 OECD Countries
April 1997 Economy-Wide and Industry-Level Impact of Information Technology
March 1997 Information Technology's Impact on Firm Structure: A Cross-Industry Analysis
March 1996 Service Industries and Economic Performance
July 1995 Engines of Growth: Manufacturing Industries in the U.S. Economy
June 1995 Patterns of Advanced Technology Adoption and Manufacturing Performance: An Overview
June 1995 Re-Examining the Cost-Effectiveness of the Research and Experimentation Tax Credit
April 1995 Trade, Technology and Plant Performance
April 1995 The U.S. Telecommunications Services Industry: Assessing Competitive Advantage

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