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CIO Governance Board Membership List as of February 28, 2018
Governance Board Name Program Code (Federal Program Inventory) Bureau Code CIO Involvement Description
Commerce IT Review Board (CITRB) 006:019 00 The DOC CIO co-chairs the CITRB along with the DOC CFO; the CITRB is part of the department’s Investment Review Process and is focused on acquisitions required to support major investments and non-major investments with life cycle costs at or above $10 Million. CITRB ensures IT investments have an acceptable IT acquisition plan, risk plan, and an acceptable business case. It provides approval or disapproval by the CIO and CFO of requests for IT Investment Authority (ITIA) and the Acquisition Plan.
Commerce IT Programmatic Review 006:019 00 The DOC CIO chairs this review which is focused on the programmatic review of existing IT programs or projects. Programmatic reviews are more formal and may be attended by the entire CITRB Board membership. These reviews ensure that an IT program or project is aligned with strategic plans, supports mission requirements, complies with enterprise architecture guidance and IT policies, minimizes all project risk, and demonstrates value as defined by the stakeholders of the initiative.
CIO Review 006:019 00 The DOC CIO holds a CIO Review at any time that will take place as a focused discussion among the program/project team and the DOC CIO, Bureau CIO and invited participants. The discussion focuses on a wide verity of topics to include programmatic concerns, inherent risks, or collaboration opportunities. ITR CIO Reviews are scheduled on an “as needed basis” at the request of the DOC CIO or by a program or project. Prior to review the DOC OCIO will provide specific guidance.
Milestone Review Board (MRB) 006:019 00 The DOC CIO is a member of the milestone review board helps determine whether a major procurement has approval for the next acquisition phase. The CIO's MRB authority is inclusive of his IT and IT Investment Authority powers.
Acquisition Review Board (ARB) 006:019 00 The DOC CIO is a voting member of the acquisition review board. All acquisitions with a lifecycle costs, of more than $75 million are reviewed by the Department ARB. Any IT acquisition that meets this threshold, then the ARB and CITRB convene jointly with the CIO as a co-chair in determining if the proposed procurement should be approved, with or without conditions and inclusive of the CIO's IT Investment Authority to establish the maximum delegation of procurement authority amount and duration.
CIO Council Cybersecurity Services Governance Board (C3SGB) 006:019 00 The DOC, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), and Office of Cybersecurity (OCS) provides DOC-wide cybersecurity solutions and services to all (14) DOC operating units. While these DOC-wide cybersecurity services have individual governance and change advisory constructs, there is no regular structured way to assess priorities, and make holistic decisions with bureau input. Recognizing this gap, the DOC CIO Council commissioned a governance board to guide DOC-wide cybersecurity services.

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