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Containers and Document Inspections

As part of the overall InfoSec Program, OSY security specialists conduct periodic inspections of documents which are classified national security information (NSI) as well as General Services Administration (GSA)-approved security containers in which they are required to be stored (when not in use). In addition, OSY security specialists assist Department of Commerce operating units in declassification of information which no longer needs or is ineligible for further classification, and destruction of information and storage media using means certified by the National Security Agency (NSA) and which was obtained from a GSA-approved vendor.

When an employee is separating, prior to debriefing (and their check-out sheet signed by HCHB Security staff or by their Client Security Services Division (CSSD) Field Office they must have first reassigned any classified national security documents and/or security containers. Further, once an employee has separated, their former Supervisor or the container’s new custodian should submit a request to the HCHB Security Service Center or their nearest CSSD field office to have their safe’s combination changed and a new SF 700, Security Container Information form completed.