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Communications Security (COMSEC)

COMSEC is a component of information assurance that consists of measures taken to deny unauthorized access and ensure authenticity of information transmitted via telecommunications by the U.S. Government. The National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) prescribes the minimum standards, procedures, specifications, and guidance for safeguarding and control of COMSEC material through NSA/CSS Policy 3-16, “Control of Communications Security (COMSEC) Material”.

While there are several COMSEC accounts within the Department of Commerce (DOC), the Office of Security/Information Security Division is responsible for management and oversight of the overall COMSEC program. The COMSEC program provides guidance and oversight for the proper telecommunication of national security information (NSI).

DOC’s policies and procedures follow those set forth by the NSA/CSS Policy Manual 3-16. These policies and procedures provide guidance on the use of cryptographic security measures, transmission security, physical security of COMSEC items and aids that are used to encrypt and protect NSI.

If you are interested in learning more about DOC’s COMSEC program, please contact OSY_InfoSec@doc.gov.